12 Ways to Make Lucrative Income From Home

Are you passionate about something, have special skill sets, or enjoy being Joe/Jane of all trade, special of “many.” The fact is, no matter what your skills sets are, you can easily find a category or two to make some handsome money online.

As good as it sounds, yes, there are legit and 12 great ways to make lucrative income from home in 2017.

Here are few good ways to tap into your talent and turn your passion (or interest) into that lucrative money making machine.

  1. Sell your arts: if you are an arty person who is good with drawing, you can simply sell your works online. You will be amazed on how people are willing to pay for just about anything you sell. Here are couple of platforms to make an extra income.
    • etsy: great site to sell unique items with relative low fees.
    • Tee Spring: this is the site where you can build your business. It is “drop shipping” concept. A good place to sell your graphic design on their blank tee.
    • Line: if you have a bit of creative streak and you enjoying working with images and text, then this mobile app would be a great place for you. This is a good site to sell cute emoticons.
  2. Selling hand-made items online:
    • etsy: if you are creative person who is good with hands, etsy is a fantastic place to sell your creations.
  3. Sell unwanted (or used) items: other than the popular selling platforms such as eBay, Craigslist and/or Backpage, here are few least known venues.
    • Swappa: you can sell your used cell phone or tablet without fees to sellers. That’s right, buyers are the ones that pay for flat fee.
    • Cardaddy: got used vehicles that you want to get rid of it? try Cardaddy.
    • 5 miles: this is a mobile app allows you sell by geographical location. You can sell pretty much about everything “tangible” you can think of. This site is somewhat (in my humble opinion) similar to the old eBay.  After you made the sale, you can either mail to the buyer or meet up at your local area.
  4. Sell gigs: if you are a programmer or have the resale rights of a software, here’s good place to sell your gig.
    • Fiverr: this is a playground for electronic products. Range from article writing, plugin, ebook, logo or web design. Better yet, you can purchase a software e.g. eBook, plug then resell here.
    • SecondLife.com: for those that are into the virtual world. Keep your eyes on this platform.
  5. Be a free lancer: for just about any skill sets you have. You can pretty much find any platform to sell. You can try Craigslist, US Free Ads, eBay classify ads, the list is endless online.
  6. Be a Tutor: passionate about teaching or good with people? you can utilize skype or video chat to help people with any study subject on the following platforms:
    • Tutor.com
    • Wyzant.com
    • Care.com
  7. Sell Photography: have an great eyes on things you see? why not sell your unique way of perspective to the public?
    • Foap.com
    • iStock
    • ShatterStock
  8. Home Host Hotel: Think far beyond than just bed and breakfast. This is hotel alternatives. If you have a guest room you can simple rent it out. For those that love pets, you can offer your home to pet owners who do not want their furry friend to be cadged while they are away.
    • AirBNB:
    • HomeStay.com
    • HostHotels
    • DogRover
    • PetStay
  9. Recipes: Find yourself spend most time in the kitchen and just can’t help to offer your guests your home cooking meals? You can turn your recipes into that lucrative money online.
  10. Be a Driver: Rodies, here’s your reward. For those that has endurance and the physical condition can stand to be confined in restricted space. This is another great way of making extra money.
    • Uber
    • Lyft
    • New driver coach: you can simply place some classify ads to teach the new driver.
  11. eBook (Kindle): You can turn your copyright on just about anything into money making machine online.
  12. Amazon flex: OK, you can’t find anything you can think of to make money online? Amazon is the great place for you. You can offer your time to run some errands.

Well, I hope this list helps you in one way or another. If your interests weren’t listed here, I hope by the time you finished reading, you have came up with few ideas to make lucrative money online. Remember, anything is possible, only if you put into action.

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