It was attempts after attempts trying to fit in to the corporate world, I admit I am a loser when it comes to mixed in with the “common-herd.”

To be frank, the agony and frustration within me is far more than excruciating, to work for an entity that took my most valuable time: it is just plainly suffocating only to learn I was working for a job not a dream.

I started to analyzing myself by looking from within: I should be rise-to-the-top not only for my many talents but burning desire to succeed.

I have tried many things and ended up spending a lot of money on plans or programs just couldn’t figure out or being the victim of the “cult leaders.”

It is those wannabe cult leaders practicing economic Darwinism by either teaching “How-I-Make $$$,$$$“, flashing their Lamborghini, or rented Beverly Hills Mansion. As ironic as it sounds, it is those who sell nothing but the sizzle on the steak, the bottom line is, they want nothing but hard earned money in my pocket.

That’s about to change. With numerous tries and errors along with endless nights staying up research on cracking the code of “secrets to success,” I have decided to put my findings of secrets behind “the” secrets into a blog, better yet, these information are made to you for FREE.

I am on my way up, what about you? are you ready to get started?


Success to you,